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Brew Dog Brewery;  Scotland.     
Trashy Blonde     4.1%

Derventio Brewery;  Derby.     
Cleopatra     5%.

Allgates Brewery;  Wigan.     
Celtic Pale Ale     4%
Summit     4.5%

Coppiceside Brewery;  Heanor.     
Coppice Gold     4%
Deception     4.8%

Holdens Brewery;  Staffordshire.     
XB     4.1%

White Horse Brewery; Oxfordshire.     
Blowing Stone     4.2%

17/03/2011 06:34

Enjoyed a pint of the Allgates Celtic Pale yesterday 170411.
An Extra Pale Ale; brewed almost exclusively with Lager Malt and with the American, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops providing wonderful citrus and floral notes.
Above is from brewery website. Floral nose and pallete far more apparent than the citrus which is only really present as a slightly dry finish. A pleasant change to the much sharper Nottingham EPA. The Bass was also pristine.


Had a great time on Sunday nights, Brook looked after us.

Two of my favourate ales are Brew Dog Brewery; Trashy Blonde (had at the London Drinker '09) and Derventio Brewery; Cleopatra (had at the LE 1st beer festival) Please get these again soon, so I can try again.

16/07/2012 13:20

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27/09/2012 05:23

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