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Full Mash Brewery, Stapleford.
Spiritualist     4.3%

Nottingham Brewery.
Bullion     4.7%

Corvedale Brewery, Ludlow.
Sunshine Ale     4%
Norman's Pride     4.5%

Neil Rowe
31/08/2010 09:02

Really enjoyed the Full Mash Spiritualist, initially a style challenge for a die hard EPA drinker. Spiritualist, a relatively rarely seen red bitter with a floral fruity slightly citrus nose and initial pallet. A substantial depth to the pallet with a traditional bitter edge. Overall a high quality beer served to the usual high standards. Looking forward to trying the beers from Corvedale, a Brewery I am not familiar with.

Nigel Thompson
05/09/2010 14:34

Draught Bass was definately of the superior variety tonight, Thanks a lot.


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