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Exclusive ales coming in this week by a new micro-brewery from Derby called DANCING DUCK BREWERY.

Gold     4.7%
Ay up     3.9%

Come check it out and help to give feedback to this newcomer.

17/02/2011 15:02

A modern IPA with powerful hippy bitterness and aroma balanced with strong malt notes. English First Gold hops give peppery, plum-like and orange zest flavours.
A satisfying and memorable golden ale.

The above or previous (I is using Open Office to edit this doc ) Is copy and paste from the brewery website. This beer is not powerfully hoppy and is certainly not bitter, no pepper, no plum, and no orange Which is good,apart from the bitter We drink Ale not wine. An over elaborate description of which is essentially an overly malted EPA. Hope the AYUP or EYUP (listed as both on the Brewery website) is better. This is not a critisism against the Hole In The Wall, where a tastter is always available, but against the brewerry for trying to cater for all tastes with one beer.


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