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Nottingham Brewery
James Fellow's Legacy     3.8%

Leatherbritches Brewery, Ashbourne.
Ashbourne Ale     4%
Ashbourne I.P.A     4.6%

Great Oakley Brewery, Northamptonshire.
Wot's Occurring?     3.9%

Alan Winfield
30/11/2010 12:36

The Hole in the wall used to be a bass tied house,this pub is up a side street and close to the market place.
When you go into this pub the bar is on the right and the lounge is up a few steps to the left,if your in the lounge the bar counter looks very low as this room is higher than the bar,we tend to go in the bar which has stools and bench seating making it fairly comfortable there is also a pool table at the back of this small room.
There is a good choice of beers on the bar with about 5 real ales a couple of these wll be locale beers from Nottingham brewery or Castle Rock and there will be some other micro brewery beers on there is also Bass on the bar,the last time we were in here we had a drink of Nottingham Rock bitter which was very nice.
This pub is one of the better options for real ale in Long Eaton and we dont mind having a couple of drinks here.

26/09/2012 16:41

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