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Beers on now:

Blush     4.5%
Naked Brewer, Westwood.

Bradley's Finest Golden     4.2%
Black Country Brewery, West Midlands.

Puddlers     4.1%
Thomas Guest.


Oakham Brewery, Peterborough.
Citra     4.2%
Monpessions Gold     5%
Bishop's Farewell     4.6%

Neil Gary Rowe
09/12/2010 02:42

A fine choice of ales at The Hole In The Wall http://holeinthewallpub.weebly.com/ this week, Wednesday 08/12/10.
Naked Brewer Blush 4.5% a darkish brown bitter with a warm red glow.
Thomas Guest Puddlers 4.1% a light creamy bitter with initial fruit malt and a mellow dry bitterness to finish.
Black Country Ales BFG 4.2% a straw coloured beer with a citrus hop aroma, a fruity sweetness with a clean fresh after-taste.
Also, as usual, top quality Bass and Nottingham EPA.
And, in addition, a new cider from Broadoak. Bristol Port Cider 7.5%.
If that’s not enough, Mulled wine and speciality coffees are also available.
A wide range of quality beverages to cater for all tastes.

Richard Coleman
21/12/2010 08:05

Great beer, especially the BFG from Black Country Brewery, and excellent atmosphere both staff and customers. Would recommend anytime....

Cheers & good luck.

Richard Coleman


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