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DOOMBAR     4.2%
Sharps Brewery, Cornwall.

Anniversary     4.2%
Naked Brewer, Nottingham.

Golden Duck     3.9%
Feather Light     4.1%

Mallards Brewery, Nottingham.

Apparition     4.5%
Boris's Best     3.8%
Seance     4.1

Full Mash Brewery, Stapleford.

Bishop's Farewell     4.6%
Scarlet Macaw     4.4%

Oakham Brewery, Peterborough.

Limited Edition Oakham : Water Of Forgetfulness     4.1%

The Bee's Knees     3.9%
Springhead Brewery, Retford.

New Medium Scrumpy Cider:

Fiery Fox     6.5%        Gwynt Y Ddraig

New Up and Coming:

Wentworth Brewery, Rotherham


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