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Oakham Brewery Peterborough:
     --> White dwarf    4.3%
     --> Bishop's Farewell    4.6%

Derventio Brewery, Derby:
     --> Cleopatra    5%

Batemans, Lincolnshire:
     --> G.H.A Pale    4.2%

Neil Rowe
14/01/2011 05:40

Excellent quality Bishops Farewell yesterday 13/01/11. Full on hoppiness, with depth of flavour too. Treat your taste buds to this multi award winning beer served to perfection.

Jeff Thompson
14/01/2011 05:41

My late brother started drinking here in 1980, i shifted to the UK 5 years ago and carried pm the tradition even thought I live in Kirk Ireton, whenever I'm back in Long Eaton I always come in for a great pint.

Steve Marlow
16/01/2011 10:03

White Dwarf: Superb

paul collins
20/01/2011 13:31

visited this pub on 15 jan on our way to notts forest was afforded a fantastic welcome by the landlord his wife and daughter the real ales and the scrumpy cider were all in excellent condition and if one happened to to run out it was quickly replaced my another of excellent quality the cobbs or rolls as us southerners like to call them were excellent as well all round an excellent pub and would recomend it to anyone who is in the area. once again thanks for the great welcome.


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