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Oakham Brewery, Peterborough.
Monpesson's Gold     5%
Bishop's Farewell     4.6%
White Dwarf     4.3%
Summit     4.2%

Nottingham Brewery
James Fellow's Legacy     3.8%

The Naked Brewer, Westwood.
Palindrome Porter     4.7%

Crouch Vale, Chelmsford.
Apollo     4.3%
Amarillo     5%

Holden's Brewery, West midlands.
Golden Glow     4.4%

New ciders include:
Bristol Port Scrumpy Cider     7.5%

Bounds Scrumpy Cider     4.8%

Steve Massingham
04/01/2011 03:33

Great ales, always well-kept. White Dwarf superb (and I mean the ale, not a reference to any of the staff!). If you haven't visited the Hole in The Wall before, it's well worth tracking it down especially if you like a proper, traditional English pub.

09/01/2011 15:25

Bounds scrumpy cider,very nice indeed. Without doubt one of the best pubs anywhere around.Great smokers area,friendly staff. Smashing coffee and a nice cheese & onion cob. All in all a proper job like


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